No matter your industry, Anaconda Pipe & Hose has the best, most durable solutions.




Efficient water distribution and fluid conveyance in irrigation systems.

Chemical Processing

For safe and precise fluid handling in diverse chemical applications.


For fluid transport, enabling efficient operations on job sites.


 For efficient fluid handling, facilitating sediment transport and water management.


For efficient fluid transport, crucial in oil, gas, and power operations.


Fluid transport in waste management, pollution control, and water treatment processes.

Fisheries & Forestry

Effective conveyance in logging, timber processing, and aquaculture operations.


For seamless fluid handling in various processes, enhancing efficiency and productivity.


For transporting liquids and materials, aiding crucial extraction and processing operations.


Essential fluid transport in water distribution, sewage systems, and public infrastructure maintenance.

Power Generation

Hose and pipe for efficient fluid conveyance, supporting critical processes in energy production.

Water & Wastewater

For seamless fluid handling, ensuring efficient conveyance in treatment and distribution processes

Shipbuilding & Marine

Hose and pipe for powering engines, maintaining fluid systems, and contributing to maritime vessels’ overall functionality and reliability.

HDPE Pipe & Slurry Hose for All Industries

Each day, thousands of companies use Anaconda HDPE pipe or industrial slurry hoses to move fluids and solids from one location to another. Contact us today, and see the Anaconda difference with your next project.

HDPE Pipe & Hose Rental

Renting pipe and hose for short term projects is a great way to save costs.